Rebecca Fowler, Realtor

Rebecca Fowler

I’m Rebecca Fowler, a Realtor with New Key Realty, LLC in Nashville Tennessee.  I’m licensed in the state of Tennessee (license #310068) and I would love to assist you with your home sell or purchase.  Whether you are looking for that perfectly restored home, a fixer-upper or land to build I will do my utmost to ensure you a smooth, worry-free and enjoyable experience throughout the process.

Contact me today for a free consultation.   If you are looking to purchase your new home, I can help you understand today’s market conditions and provide you information on the properties that are available for your consideration.   If you have property to sell, I can provide you with a free market comparison to let you know how other similar properties are selling in today’s market conditions.

Rebecca Fowler
New Key Realty, LLC
104 SCT Drive
White House, TN 37188

Cell: (615) 473-7430
Office: (615) 601-5216


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The struggle is real...

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Some very good tips here!

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